School Librarian: Jim Spray

The St. Gregory School Library houses over 7,000 books, and hundreds are added each year. The library has a cloud-based catalog and circulation system and three iMacs that are used as search stations. Grades K-3 have library books within their classrooms they are able to check out and put into their “book bags” for the week. Grades 4-5 have a scheduled library class every week, during which they have time for book checkout and reading.

Library Circulation Policy

Students in grades K through 4 are allowed to take home books that are checked out.

Students in the upper grades may check out books for school projects and enjoyment reading on their own time. They are subject to the same return requirements as the lower grades.

Books are borrowed for one week at a time and are checked out on school days. Students may return books early, and they may renew books by bringing them to the library to be checked out again. A book return cart is kept in the hallway next to the Third grade classroom.

Overdue Books

Overdue notices will be sent home periodically. If a book is lost or damaged, students will be asked to pay for the replacement cost of the book, including processing fees. Students should carry books to and from school in a bag or backpack, preferably waterproof.

Parents can determine which, if any, books their child(ren) have checked out at any time using our online database. If you need a password, please contact

Click here to enter the St. Gregory library database. Parents should click on the "STGREGS" library (blue link), select "Circulation" from the left hand menu and type your child's last name in the "Patron Number" box. You do not need to know your child's patron number. Then, select your child's name. Any books checked out will be listed on their Circulation-Checkout page

All books are due two weeks prior to the end of school.

The main goals of our library program are:

  1. To promote literacy and literature appreciation, and to motivate students to become life-long readers.
  2. To teach students to be able to access, evaluate, and use information effectively.
  3. To provide materials and services that will support the curriculum for each grade.
  4. To encourage multicultural and global awareness through literature and library media.

Parent Support

We welcome parent volunteers during classroom visits and for at-home work. Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher for more information.

Book Fair

St. Gregory School hosts the Scholastic Book Fair in November each year. In addition to the wide variety of books, there are great gift ideas, including creative artistic activities, educational toys, science activities, reference materials, and even cookbooks. By supporting the St. Gregory Book Fair, your children get great books and our school also benefits. St. Gregory School earns 50% of our Book Fair sales. These proceeds go directly toward funding the school and classroom libraries. As an added bonus, St. Gregory's receives many free books for participating in the book fair program. It's a win-win for everyone!