Resource Program

The resource program at St. Gregory School addresses the needs of students in all grades who have a designated learning difference per professional testing or an IEP, as well as those who are identified by teachers at risk based on classroom performance and response to intervention (RTI). Students are referred to the resource specialist after teachers have deployed multiple classroom interventions to support improvement and the students still present specific learning needs.

The goal of our resource program is to give support to students with identified learning differences. Mrs. Fahrner and Mrs. Hiler work as a team, in conjunction with the teachers, the parents, and the students to discuss and incorporate interventions that help the student succeed. These interventions include providing extra time to reteach and practice concepts taught in the classroom, allowing students extra time on tests, helping students practice organizational and study skills, and modifying the length and/or type of assignments.

Mrs. Fahrner works specifically with students in kindergarten through fourth grades on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. She pulls out small groups of children to work on language arts instruction, including reading, phonics, and writing.

Mrs. Hiler works with students in fifth through eighth grades on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the subject area of math. She works with small groups to help deepen their understanding of the different topics and concepts that are being taught in the classroom. Mrs. Hiler also works with a small group of fifth graders during their literature time to spend extra time breaking down novels and important vocabulary, character analysis, and symbolism.