"Art is to me the glorification of the human spirit, and as such it is the cultural documentation of the time in which it is produced." — Hans Hofman

Art at St. Gregory features curriculum-integrated lessons in a wide variety of mediums and artistic styles. Through the study of art and art history, the information presented in other subjects (religion, history, social science, literature, etc.) are supported and enhanced thereby increasing a student's understanding of what they've learned and helping them place abstract concepts into relevance.

The Importance of Art Education

  • Art education engages students and honors various learning styles.
  • Art education helps students develop observation, analysis, interpretation and evaluation skills that transfer to other areas of study.
  • Art education promotes an understanding of personal identity, community contexts and global cultures.
  • Through art education students acquire the skills and exercise the creativity necessary for success.
  • Art education can bring every subject to life increasing interest in historical and geographical topics, math and science, literature and language arts, social science and religious

Curriculum Overview

K-3rd: Curriculum based on building a foundational knowledge of both the vocabulary and technical aspects of art through a project based examination of the elements and principles of art.

4-8th: A theme based curriculum that tie-ins to grade level history/social science lessons as well other core subjects (math, science, literature, religion). Students will analyze, interpret and discuss art both in content and composition, and demonstrate their comprehension of each lesson in their own art work.

The success of the Art program at St. Gregory’s relies on the support of parent volunteers. Please take a moment to check out the different volunteer opportunities available.

Lesson dates can be found on the class calendars. Please see the Art Bulletin board for more information. (Across from the school office near the third grade classroom.)

How to Volunteer

Teacher’s Assistant: Volunteer to provide teacher assistance in the 
classroom by setting up art materials, aiding students, collecting finished 
artwork and helping with clean-up at the end of the lesson. No artistic 
ability required. Sign-up to volunteer on the school website or by 
emailing Anne Barsi.

Lesson Material Preparation: Help prepare lesson materials (cutting 
paper, refilling supplies, etc.) This can be a work-at-home project.

Art Work Labeler: Most artwork is mounted on paperwork and all artwork 
needs to be labeled with the student’s name. Labels for each project/class 
will be provided. This is a great take home project.

Art Display Curator: Once a month, each grade’s artwork is featured at 
Mollie Stone's and other public venues. This task involves changing out the 
art at both sites. The curator can set their own schedule for hanging the 
art with each vendor.

Art Show Helper: Help with set-up and take-down for our school art show(s)

Contact: Anne Barsi,