Student Council 2018-2019

President : Katherine C.
Vice President : Aidan G.

  • Takes a lead role in all Student Council projects and events
  • Plans and leads weekly Flag Pole Assemblies
  • Plans agenda for and presides over Student Council meetings
  • Represents the student body at school and community events

Secretary : Rocco F.

  • Keeps accurate minutes of all Student Council Meetings; posts minutes to school website and keeps a file
  • Prepares and maintains correspondence on behalf of the Student Council

Religious Activities : Faith G.

  • Prepares and leads prayers at weekly Flag Pole Assemblies
  • Assists in planning Student Council masses and liturgies
  • Plans and leads implementation of Student Council sponsored outreach projects

School Spirit : Joey O. & Annabelle A.

  • Plans and leads implementation of annual Spirit Week and other spirit activities
  • Reports on sports and other extracurricular school activities at weekly Flag Pole Assemblies
  • Leads effort to promote Student Council sponsored projects and events

Campus Environment : Ella J. & Danny F.

  • Plans manages, and promotes school recycling programs and activities
  • Represents Student Council on all issues related to campus environment

All student council must maintain a 2.5 GPA and a 1 or 2 in Behavioral Exceptions and Learning Skills.