School Advisory Board

St. Gregory’s School Advisory board is an advisory board with representatives from all segments of the school and parish community. Any St. Gregory parishioner or parent, 21 years of age or older, who has a positive attitude toward the philosophy of Catholic education shall be eligible to become a member of the School Advisory Board. Members of the School Advisory Board include elected members with the Pastor, and Principal. The School Advisory Board meets each month. If you have any topics or agenda items you would like discussed at the School Advisory Board please email

All agenda’s and minute meetings are posted on the St. Gregory School internal website.

Board Members– 2019-2020

Title Name
President Stephen Grochol
Vice President Tony Sharron
Principal Johanna McCormack
Pastor Rev. Mark Reburiano
Secretary Joanne Kinney
Members Lars Lund
Mike Klobuchar
Stephen Grochol
Ino Cubing
Tony Sharron
Sam Dabai
Bobby Aguirre
Yolanda Zevas
Valerie Cary
Joanne Kinney