St. Gregory School strives to take advantage of technology to enrich every aspect of curriculum, teaching, communicating, and professional growth.

All classes attend a technology class every week. Classes are held in the technology lab or the technology devices are brought into classrooms for special projects.

All grade levels have Smart Boards in the classroom and the ability to check out both iPad carts and Chrome Book carts. This provides teachers with technology tools outside of technology class.

Grades K-3 each have their own sets of iPads for daily center use and activities. Our junior high students each receive their own Chrome Book upon entering the 6th grade. They bring their Chrome Books with them to each of their classes to use as needed. The goal of implementing a one to one program is to give students more access to information and technology and to aide them in developing the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

The Broad Goals are to:

  • Increase student abilities to communicate ideas effectively
  • Develop student competencies in using current technologies.
  • Ensure that students become ethical, safe users of Internet resources.
  • Improve integration of technology into classroom curriculum based activities
  • Provide time, resources, and personnel essential to effective technology training for all instructional staff

The Benefits of a one to one Program:

  • Equal access to technology for all students
  • Prepares students to be effective collaborators, a skill necessary for the 21st century
  • Allows students to become proficient users of technology
  • Promotes a student-centered environment
  • Addresses the various learning styles of students
  • Provides the resources to meet the expectations and needs of today‚Äôs students, who are digital natives
  • Promotes accountability and responsibility