Learning music facilitates general learning and enhances skills that children use in other areas. It supports all types of learning like language, verbal skills, spatial-temporal intelligence and small motor skills. It betters test scores, boosts IQ, concentration and memory and contributes to social development.

Students in Kindergarten through fifth grade study rhythm, learn to match pitch, analyze melody for high/low, and tempo. They learn songs about our Faith, as well as grade appropriate songs that tell a story, incorporate movement, and even performance. Students prepare for and participate in a themed Parish Festival performance at the beginning of the year, a Christmas concert, and a Grandparent’s Day extravaganza. In addition, students in grades three- eight are encouraged to join our children’s church choir. Students in fourth grade present a mini musical, “California!” which highlights their Social Studies state standards. Lastly, all eighth graders are required to participate in a full length musical at the end of the year. This time honored tradition not only allows students to showcase their musical gifts and talents, but also provides incredible opportunities for collaboration, teamwork, showmanship, and legacy.