Fifth Grade


Students will build a mastery of skills using a curriculum that emphasizes conceptual understanding. Students will compute, perform calculations, solve problems, create expressions and make decisions based on logic and reasoning. The mastery of basic concepts allows students the freedom to problem solve and interpret results. The mathematical content is taught in a repetitive fashion using a variety of skills in an interesting way. In the fifth grade students focus on fractions, decimals, and long division.

ELA: English Language Arts (English, Writing, Literature)

Students will continue to expand their reading and writing skills, be able to identify parts of a sentence, and parts of speech. Students will build skills for paragraph writing and exploring sensory details. Students continue to work on reading vocabulary, decoding, comprehension, reference, study and literature skills. Students are continuing to increase their volume of independent reading for appreciation of literature and enjoyment. They are also challenged to polish their speaking and listening skills.

Social Studies: American History

Fifth graders are introduced to the exploration and the founding of America. Students collaborate to study the geography, natural resources, and diversity of cultures that provided so much of the richness we know today. They will continue to discover the American Indians and their influence on American culture and history. Students will gain a better understanding of the causes and effects of the American Revolution. They continue in their historical journey with the struggles and triumphs of a new Nation. Students host a "Hall of States" in which students "dress" as their state and act as a living museum providing verbal presentations about their state. By the end of fifth grade, it is expected that all students can locate and name each U.S. state and its capital.


In fifth grade religion students learn about the life and teachings of Jesus. They study the seven sacraments as sacred signs as well as celebrations. The students study the liturgical lessons of Advent and Lent and how to locate passages of Scripture in the Bible. During Family students learn about the changes and challenges that they will experience during puberty. The importance of living your faith as opposed to just studying it is emphasized.


Fifth grade science is based on physical, life, and earth sciences. We study the elements and their combinations, plant and animal cells, human body systems, water resources, the water cycle, and the solar system. All areas are covered through investigation and experimentation.