Students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade participate in Spanish class. K-5 classes have Spanish every Monday and Friday for thirty minutes. Grades 6-8 classes have Spanish class every Monday and Friday for fifty minutes. Class begins with prayers, greetings, date, and the weather, all while being spoken in Spanish! Warm up activities include a review of numbers, colors, the alphabet, parts of the body, days of the week, months of the year, and seasons.

In kindergarten through fourth grades, the curriculum’s main focus is vocabulary, much as it is when we learn our mother language. In fifth through eighth grades, students begin studying grammar and begin to read and comprehend in Spanish all while continuing to improve conversation skills. There is also a cultural component learning about holidays and festivities that are celebrated in South and Central America.

Each class follows a curriculum of oral and written activities that are grade level appropriate to increase vocabulary, practice conversation, reading and writing, master grammar, and, ultimately, emerge into a second language. Students work with Spanish textbooks, workbooks, and practice their Spanish giving bilingual presentations.